Aircraft Maintenance

EASA Part-145 certified maintenance operation with over 80 highly qualified mechanics and technicians we offer both line and base maintenance services for various types of aircraft.


Our expert team of engineers, mechanics and technicians are fully qualified to the highest international standards, and are at the service of you and your aircraft around the clock.
As an EASA Part 145 certified servicing operation, we offer both line and base maintenance services. We comply with all aircraft maintenance operations and continued airworthiness programmes, along with CAMO+ approval.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Line and base maintenance for different executive jet types and in particular for the Airbus A320 Corporate Jet family
  • Component repair and overhaul
  • Overhaul and renewal of cabin equipment
  • 24/7 spare parts supply, procurement and storage
  • Maintenance and airworthiness certification
  • Development and management of maintenance programmes
  • Pre-purchase and technical inspections and cost evaluation before buying or selling aircraft
  • Selection and specification of new aircraft according to your needs
  • Construction supervision, delivery, and handover inspections of new airplanes


DC Aviation GmbH has gone a long way in its efforts to deliver the highest level of quality and highest standards of safety. 
DC Aviation Al Futtaim is following the footsteps of its mother company in Germany and is proud to be delivering the highest levels of excellence and safety.

Your benefits at a glance

  • ETOPS 120 authorisation since 2001
  • ETOPS 180 authorisation for the Airbus A319CJ VVIP fleet
  • Non-ETOPS 180 authorisation for most other business jets
  • Low-visibility operation (up to category CAT IIIb)
  • Guarantee of safety, performance and service
  • Unrestricted authorisation to operate flights to the United States (FAR 129 permit) since 2001
  • Pilot selection programme in independent assessment centre according to airline standards
  • Participant in the Visa Waiver Programme since 2015
  • Maintenance EASA Part-145, CAR 145, Bermuda and Cayman Islands
  • Maintenance EASA Part-M and UAE CAR M
  • Certified VIP Excellence Programme for flight attendants
  • Regular security checks of all employees

Maintenance services offered through DC Aviation Al-Futtaim in cooperation with DC Aviation GmbH

Über 300 Mitarbeiter weltweit

Maximum Readiness

Over 330 highly qualified staff members stand ready for you.

500 Destinationen weltweit

Maximum Flexibility

We fly you to over 500 destinations worldwide.

Eigener Wartungsbetrieb

Maximum Reliability

Our own maintenance operation lets us respond fast and flexibly.

Höchste Standards

Maximum Safety

Trust highest safety standards and over 120,000 event-free flight hours.

ISBAH Registered company

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